The Harvest Partnership Ltd is committed to the provision and delivery of quality independent financial advice in the most professional manner.

Our advisers will use only investment strategies which we believe to be appropriate for a particular client and best serve their interests. Where income is required, we will ensure that this is delivered by means of traditional dividend yield, wherever practicable, thus improving the resilience of a portfolio and the sustainability of income.

Whether you have a lump sum to invest for income and growth, or perhaps your pension funds are in need of review, we can offer professional and independent advice and implement that advice in the most effective way, with care and attention throughout.

Our aim is to provide clients with the best outcome possible.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd is run on Biblical principles and is committed to sponsorship of Christian media, including radio and television, by means of paid-for advertising, to the extension of Godís kingdom. The Company is owned and managed by committed Christians.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd team is always willing to answer your questions.

The value of investments will rise and fall. Neither the capital value or income is guaranteed. All investments are transacted on this strict understanding.

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