3 Benefits of Obtaining Independent Financial Advice

Independent Financial Advice

Investing in Independent Financial Advice could be one of the greatest decisions you make in your life time. A decision that may not just affect yourself, but your family, future generations and legacy charities.

There are certain times that attempting a small amount of DIY can be positive, and often the results will be perfectly adequate. Painting the lounge, relaying a patio or tinkering with a car engine. But, when it comes to your personal finances, adequate should not be adequate. Obtaining Independent Financial Advice is a highly recommended route.

Independent Financial Advisers have a specific goal. A goal to provide the most appropriate advice that supports you in achieving a specific financial objective. To each individual, that objective could be vastly different. Just as important, the objective may change as we approach different stages in our lifetime. 

3 Benefits of Obtaining Independent Financial Advice

A professional Approach

Financial Management may not be your speciality. When we require medical treatment, we seek an experienced and qualified medical professional to take care of us. If we require building work to be completed on our home, we entrust an experienced and qualified builder to undertake the work. Throughout their lifetime, most people will train in a specific industry. Independent Financial Advisers are professionally trained in financial advice. Once you have found a Financial Adviser you can trust, they will know of all the options available to you to meet your financial objectives. And what’s best is that they will help you chose the right option for you and put it in to action.

An adaptable approach

As you approach the age of retirement, your financial objective may change. The way you need to utilise, to save or invest your finances may alter significantly. You may be looking to take a new income from your savings, you may be planning for retirement or you may not want to do anything. An Independent Financial Adviser will ensure your pensions, savings and investments are correctly managed to ensure you are able to achieve the objective you set out. If this objective changes, your Independent Financial Adviser will support you with the process of change.

An affordable approach

Concerns in regards to fees, imbursement and questions of how much does and independent financial adviser charge often arise. Initial and ongoing fees are appropriate to the service provided by an Independent Financial Adviser. A self-investment approach comes at minimal outlay to the investor but at what cost? Investing in Independent Financial Advice can lead to significantly higher gains despite the fees invested in the advice process. Working with an Independent Financial Adviser will work to ensure the benefit outweighs the fees, putting you in the best position.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd Approach

Here at The Harvest Partnership Ltd, we recognise the importance of achieving your financial objective. With over 20 years of experience as Independent Financial Advisers means that not only have The Harvest Partnership Ltd supported hundreds of individuals and charities set out their financial plans, we have seen them achieved.

If you are ready to step away from DIY financial management and truly invest in a professional, adaptable and affordable approach to achieving your financial objective, The Harvest Partnership Ltd would be pleased to hear from you.

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