COVID-19 Business Update

Update 1.00pm – 12th May 2020

There was an mix of disappointment and relief on Sunday following the Prime Ministers statement at 7pm. By issuing the potential plan for a gentle and steady return to our previous normal, many are now feeling encouraged and uplifted. It is a reminder that this will not last forever.

Those facing disappointment, were those awaiting news that seeing family and friends a little closer than a chat through a glass window may have been possible. Although, this isn’t the case, by implementing the small steps that have been proposed, we are seeing this becoming a closer and safer prospect. Relief was felt by many who feel that Lockdown continuing is the safest course of action to keep those around us as safe as possible.

The new message of:


must be adhered to. The Harvest Partnership Ltd are in constant review of our working conditions and environment and will do what it takes to ensure the continued safety of our team and clients. We will continue to work from home where possible. We will ensure we implement social distancing and limit contact with other people. And foremost, we will continue to support any of our team or clients affected by Covid-19 in any way we can.

Update 11.00am – 5th May 2020

Many media sources are now releasing articles regarding how the UK will emerge from Lockdown. Articles have been based on theories, rumours, released documentation and insight in to other countries approaches to the end of their Lockdown. Here at The Harvest Partnership Ltd, we will await official guidance from the UK Government before we make any changes to the way our business is currently running.

Most recently, queries from our clients have been centred around the value of their investments. We releases an article My Investments Have Dropped in Value, which may answer some of your questions. We are however, extremely happy to take your calls and emails to discuss this further and in more detail.

Approximately 23% of the UK workforce has been Furloughed. Furlough supports firms hit by Covid-19 by temporarily helping to pay the wages of people who can’t do their jobs. For those that have applied and been accepted in to the Furlough scheme, there has been success and great relief to businesses.

However, we are still seeing many who may be self-employed that are not receiving an income from their own business and have been unable to secure Government support. We are advising our clients in this situation as best as possible. Ideally to ensure financial security for both now and the future. Read more if you require additional Financial Security

Update – 4.00pm – 28th April 2020

We welcome Boris Johnson back, after his diagnosis and treatment for Covid-19. As he urges the UK to not lose patience with Lockdown, we are simultaneously seeing businesses reopening and recommencing works previously abandoned due to the outbreak.

At The Harvest Partnership Ltd, we continue to follow Lockdown arrangements and are working from home, with minimal presence in our offices. Please continue to bare with us as calls to our phone lines have increased, and we are responding to all callers and enquirers as quickly as possible.

We are releasing and updating articles on our website relating to the current Pandemic and urge those with questions to read through these and please feel free to contact us with any questions that may arise.

We turn to technology more and more as social distancing continues. Utilising video calls for communicating with both family, friends and for professional purposes. As we start to make use of new technologies, apps and softwares, we would like to remind all who read this to be aware of Covid-19 Pandemic Scams, please be vigilant if being asked to disclose any personal or financial information.

Update – 11.00am – 21st April 2020

Thursday 16th April saw Health Secretary Matt Hancock extend ‘Lockdown’ for a further 3 weeks. News well received for many across the UK. However, the ongoing sense of uncertainty remains both on a personal and professional level.

The impact on businesses is being seen, with public announcement on mainstream media of larger companies utilising the Furlough scheme. In addition to the countless smaller companies which have already Furloughed staff where possible to avoid redundancies and staff losses. Although the nature of the the current situation is likely to cause a number of companies to fall, we hope to see the Government schemes that have been put in place to allow many more to continue and thrive as we emerge from this Global Pandemic.

Throughout these unsettling times, we have seen the best in people. We are so proud of Key Workers, who despite their own fears and concerns, continue to work harder than ever before to ensure their roles are delivering the greatest and most positive impact for the whole of the United Kingdom. We have seen those that have selflessly volunteered, fund raised and support the UK, both locally and nationally. We see the impact of this ripple throughout communities, and communities are now celebrating this more than ever.

Here at The Harvest Partnership Ltd, our world continues as usual. We are able to continue our work as normal, for which we are extremely grateful for. In addition, many of our clients are seeing a new side to ‘our people’, with younger children and pets occasionally appearing on video calls or making themselves know on the telephone. Our children will forever remember these times, so we thank our clients for being so understanding, kind and welcoming of these ‘new normals’ and waving back to our children.

Update – 10.00am – 14th April 2020

Three weeks have passed since the Prime Minister spoke to the nation and implemented ‘Lockdown’. We have seen different countries react differently to the Covid-19 outbreak. Implementing their own approach to managing the spread of the virus.

The United Kingdom continue to do what we do best, Keep Calm and Carry On. We recognise the amazing work being undertaken by the NHS and all other Key Workers that continue to work in these new conditions. For those that are not in these positions, following the government regulations of Stay Home, Protect the NHS is the best appreciation that can be shown to these amazing workers.

Here at The Harvest Partnership Ltd, we continue to support this message of Stay Home, Protect the NHS. Our team are actively working for home, with a limited presence in our office locations. Our team have the resources they require to undertake the same roles and offer the same services to you as we always have. We are always, only a phone call away.

More than ever, our website resources have been providing useful information to our clients and future clients. We release regular articles relevant to our services. In addition, new articles directly related to the impact of Covid-19. We invite you to explore and share these articles, we hope they may provide answers to questions, reassure your concerns or enlighten you to alternatives. Our articles can be found HERE.

Update – 11.00am – 7th April 2020

The past few weeks has seen the nation come together by staying apart. Social distancing does not come naturally to many of us; however we have seen the majority of people adhere to this requirement, providing essential relief to our NHS service. Within The Harvest Partnership Ltd, we are continuing to function as normal, providing the same service to our clients and future clients while adhering to the social distancing requirements.

For those that live near to our office locations, you may notice members of staff in our offices. To ensure we can complete our client services, occasionally a member of the team may need to visit our offices. Fortunately, staff members undertaking these visits are local to the offices and do not need to use public transport. We would like to remind you however, that the offices remain closed to visitors and our doors will be locked.

Our business will remain OPEN to support existing and future clients. You can find all our contact details on our Contact Us page. Please feel free to contact us regarding any aspect of your existing portfolio or any new enquiries you may have.

Existing and future clients have continued their praise of video call technologies for their meetings. We are pleased we are still able to continue offering our service in a manner that adheres to social distancing requirements but also meets the needs of our clients in full.

Update – 14.30pm – 31st March 2020

Following the Prime Ministers announcement on Monday 23rd March, we have implemented a number of changes to how our business is currently run in addition to the precautions and changes we as a company had already implemented prior to this announcement. We would initially like to inform you that as our client or future client, you will still receive the same level of service and care we pride ourselves in delivering.

Firstly, we have streamlined our phone lines. This means, if you call a specific office, a member of the team from another office location may answer. However, we will transfer you where possible, or the relevant staff member will call you back as quickly as possible.

Secondly, all meetings are currently being held remotely utilising video call technologies. This has proved highly successful in the past and may clients have commented on the ease and comfort of using Facetime or Skype, rather than attending meetings in our offices.

Where possible and preferable, our team are working remotely. We wanted to ensure the health and welfare of all team members, in addition to the health and welfare of our clients. Our offices are not open for our clients and future clients to visit. We can still however continue to provide the same services and business, securely in this manner.

Update – 12.30pm – 24th March 2020

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister on Monday 23rd March. Our priority is to ensure we continue serve our clients effectively, to guide them through this period of economic uncertainty. This must be balanced against protecting the welfare and health of both our clients and staff.

We continue to remain OPEN for business. Our team will continue to provide the same level of service and care whilst working in a slightly different manner to what our clients may have previously experienced.

Due to remote working, we will be utilising technologies which some of our clients may or may not be familiar with. This will include video calling such as Skype or Facetime. Requesting clients make use of online banking facilities. Should you have any questions regarding the use of any of the technologies we recommend, please let us know, we would be happy to help as much as possible.

Current Clients

During these uncertain times, we recognise that our clients may wish to contact us more regularly to discuss their investments and pensions. We would like to advise that we are still able to speak with our clients over telephone or via video call.        

Future Clients

Just as we have implemented new measures to protect the welfare and health of both our clients and staff. We are able to offer our future clients the same protective measures. Previously arranged meetings will now need to be conducted over telephone or via video calling, as will any new meetings we subsequently arrange. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this, our team would be happy to help.

Contact Us

You can continue to contact us via phone, email or our contact form, all available from the Contact Us page.