Covid-19 Pandemic Scams

Covid-19 Pandemic Scams

There have been more and more reports of scammers taking advantage of this period of time and creating Covid-19 pandemic scams.

Sadly, criminals are using the Covid-19 pandemic to scam the public. Using Coronavirus as a cover story, criminals are convincing individuals to disclose personal or financial information. In addition, providing links to click on that may contains viruses or malware. Please be vigilant and don’t become a victim of Covid-19 Pandemic Scams.

It is very sad that there are people prepared to take advantage of this unsettling time in order to coerce or convince individuals to reveal information that could put their finances or identity at risk.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd response to Covid-19 Pandemic Scams:

The Harvest Partnership Ltd will never contact any individual by means of cold call, promotional print or email. This is inline with the FCA regulations. We will only ever contact individuals that have previously made contact with ourselves and offered their contacts details freely for the sole purpose of communication with The Harvest Partnership Ltd only.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd

Covid-19 Pandemic scams have been put in place by criminals seeking to capitalise on the Covid-19 pandemic. Criminals are impersonating people, organisations and even the police in order to gain trust and ask you to offer information regarding your identity or finances.

There has been an increase in website domain purchases using the term Coronavirus/Covid-19 linked to Covid-19 pandemic scams. If you receive any direction to visit unfamiliar sites either via phone, letter, text or email, it is advised by fraud prevention teams in the police, government and private security partners that you do not follow these links. Do not open any email attachments, simply close and delete any emails.

If you receive any unexpected calls regarding investment opportunities, these are now often combined with texts/emails/letters to increase authenticity. Do not proceed to offer any personal or financial information.

We recommend contacting your own Financial Adviser if you are looking to make any form of investment or changes to your investment portfolio.