What will you gain from engaging with an Experienced Financial Adviser?

experienced financial adviser

Each year, more people are seeking out and engaging with an Experienced Financial Adviser. There is a growing understanding and trust in those who are able to support us our personal financial situation and how this engagement will result in a positive outcome.

Many of us will choose to work with someone from a financial service. From Pension advice through to mortgage advice, there is often a specialist in each aspect of financial management that can support and deal with our requirements. Choosing to working with an experienced Financial Adviser may be due to a number of reasons:

  • Looking to achieve a specific financial goal
  • Understand more what our financial goals could be
  • Manage pensions in the most financially efficient manner
  • Make the most of financial investments

An experienced Financial Adviser will ensure you are receiving the right advice for you. Guided and regulated by the FCA (Always check your Adviser is on the FCA Register), you can be assured of the most suitable and appropriate advice for your situation. Or if they are not trained and regulated in this area, will signpost you to the right professional who can.

Who is considered to be an experienced Financial Adviser?

All Financial Advisers must be qualified, however an experienced Financial Adviser, particularly those qualified in the area of your specific financial goal will be able to offer the most suitable advice for you.

Many would assume longevity in a career would translate to an experienced Financial Adviser. And although this is often the case. Often those that are still in the early stages of their financial career could offer the same level of service and detail. An experienced Financial Adviser will be constantly exploring new options and opportunities for their clients. Always ensuring their clients are on the right track to achieving their financial goals. This could apply to a newly qualified Adviser or an Adviser that has been established 40 or more years.

The gains of working with an experienced Financial Adviser

Achieve Specific Financial Goals

If you already have a specific financial goal in mind, an experienced Financial Adviser will support you in achieving this. The experience they hold will allow them to find and recommend the right product or financial vehicle for you. An experienced Financial Adviser will create a bespoke solution for your goals. You will gain a bespoke solution to achieve your specific financial goals.

Understand Financial Goals

When commencing a journey in to managing your finances in a different manner, you will often come across the term ‘setting financial goals’. For some this may mean saving a specific sum in a savings account, other may be looking to work their pension harder. An experienced Financial Adviser will discuss your current financial situation with you and what your desired financial situation is. From this your Adviser will be able to discuss the possibilities that are available to you. You will gain clarity and understanding on the financial goals that are possible for you.

Manage Pensions

If you have a pension, or number of pensions, an experienced Financial Adviser will help you manage this or these in the most effective and valuable way in accordance with your attitude to risk. Invested correctly in accordance with your Pension Advice, your pension may grow and/or provide you with an income you had previously not considered. You will gain effective management of your pension or pensions and ensure the pension pot is invested effectively to suit your own retirement plans.

Boost Financial Investments

Investment planning undertaken by an experienced Financial Adviser can offer more significant returns than leaving funds in a current account or savings account*. By delivering professional investment advice to individuals of all ages and salaries which saves individuals worrying about mistakes, misinformation and making irrational decisions; not to mention allowing individuals to have more time to spend on the things they enjoy in life. You will gain effective investment planning advice and management in a timely manner, while eradicating emotional decision making.

Finding an Experienced Financial Adviser

To engage and work with an experienced Financial Adviser, you must first find one. There are over 27,000 Financial Advisers listed with the FCA. Don’t be afraid to contact more than one Adviser or company. Many Advisers offer the first meeting complementary, allowing you both to recognise if this relationship is right for both parties. Initial meetings may take place on company premises, clients home or via video/telephone calls (as per social distancing requirements).

You may find asking friends and family you trust to recommend an experienced Financial Adviser you can trust. Although, a personal recommendation is a great. You should still perform your own checks with the FCA and ask as many questions as necessary. Do not be afraid to look in to any Advisers credentials, including registrations, websites and review sites. And always follow you personal instincts. Unless you have a positive feeling towards the Adviser and/or company, then you are under no obligation to be their or remain their client.

Check their status

Experienced Financial Advisers are highly trained and throughout their career undertake Continued Professional Development. This supports existing or gaining new qualifications. Ensure the Adviser you choose to work with has the relevant qualifications to provide the advice you require.

Independent or Restricted

Independent Financial Advisers are required and able to consider all products and all providers for you when making any recommendations. Conversely, Restricted Financial Advisers often only recommend their own company’s products. However, this may give you access to an improved service, lower fees or preferential rates not available elsewhere.

Recognise the costs involved with working with an experienced Financial Adviser

With experience, often comes costs. However, higher costs does not always equate to more experience.

There is no escaping that good financial advice will come at a cost. And different companies many charge and structure their charges in different ways. It is important that you understand the cost of working with your experienced Financial Adviser ahead of signing any paper work. As previously mentioned, an initial meeting is usually held at no cost (or at expense to the Adviser). And, during this meeting, the fees or chargeable structure should be disclosed freely and clearly.

If you are looking to speak to an experienced Financial Adviser, The Harvest Partnership Ltd are always available to support with your enquiries. You can contact us via our Contact Us page.

*investments values can rise or fall.