Working From Home

working from home

The statement working from home for some conjures images of unkept hair, lounge wear, excessive amounts of coffee and limitless procrastination. For The Harvest Partnership Ltd however, this couldn’t be further from reality.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd speak to many clients on a daily basis, we are blessed to work with such a wide variety of people who we have always felt to be kind and caring. And even more so than ever we have felt genuine concern from those we speak to when we are asked ‘How are you?’, ‘How are you getting on?’ and quite often ‘Are you safe?’. And generally, we would like to tell you we are doing very well and put in as many measures as possible to keep each and every member of the team safe.

So how is working from home suiting The Harvest Partnership Ltd? We feel as a company we have changed and adapted well. By investing in infrastructure and new processes we have been resilient to the negativities that can affect those working from home. Above this, not only have we overcome boundaries and barriers, we have learned more about what our clients enjoy seeing from us.

Early in to lockdown, we all spent our evenings reading articles and blogs on working from home and how to make it work for us. Some points were very valid, but seemingly obvious, i.e. creating dedicated working spaces for those that didn’t already have these in place. Access to a quiet space for answering calls. Ensuring those who we live with understand our commitments and priorities and understanding theirs. But it has taken living and experiencing working from home to know what truly works for us and our clients.

Our days are all different, each team member working from home has had their own little challenges to overcome.  We have seen endless motivation and resilience to overcome the tougher challenges.

We have, as a team, maintained the team element. Rather then turn in to individual Me’s working isolated at home. We have adapted quickly, worked out how to be one unit in different locations as opposed to many little locations formed to one unconnected unit. And although the excessive amount of coffee is a daily occurrence, procrastination is not. We have been spurred on by working as one team to ensure our role to our clients is not only complete. But completed with the care and recognition of change of what is occurring in the world right now, and the effect it may have had on each individual we speak to.

The little stories we pass around the office of what has been occurring have brought pieces of joy from Yorkshire to London to Kent. It may previously have been unusual to tell a small tale of a staff members dog being overly excited by a pair of rolled socks. Or to hear about the meticulous preparation of a mug of tea to ensure it tastes just like how our team member made it within the office for us. But now, more than ever, these little messages and tales we tell each other remind us that we are still one team, just working from home.

We are also learning things about our clients we never knew before. Many of our clients are going through their own challenges. Some are managing working from home themselves and have become a source of inspiration and motivation for us.

Others like us, have children of their own of varying ages. Some very young who are crawling around feet during video calls. Others who have children who have flown the nest and are offering the same living support to their parents as given to them. We see the resilience and motivation daily, and it offers a new type of motivation to us to continue that constant high level of service.

Working from home has not been without its challenges. But like many around the globe, we are making it work. We are so pleased to hear the wonderful feedback from clients when our processes have been a little different. We feel grateful that our clients are concerned for us and our welfare. And we are happy that we can continue to help and support our clients in whatever way is needed.

We wish you all the best and hope you are able to stay safe.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd.

To remind all of our valued clients, we continue to offer the same services you have previously received:

We structuring our client meetings slightly different, using Video Calls where possible. Additionally, we are utilising tracked courier and postal services where required. We will keep you as informed as possible of any of our working from home changes will affect you.