Working with a Christian Investment Adviser

Christian Investment Adviser

The world we live in offers copious amounts of choice. And as an investor, it absolutely your choice in to how you invest, why you invest and who you make investments with. As a Christian Investment Adviser, it is our responsibility to ensure you are presented with the right investment opportunities that relate to you, your preferences and choices.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd are an inclusive company. Our aim is to deliver the most suitable Independent Financial Advice to all of our clients. The Harvest Partnership Ltd is owned and managed by committed Christians, with the whole team committed to the delivery of quality Financial Advice, specifically tailored to each individual we have to privilege to work with. It is important to us that you are able to work with a Christian Investment Adviser who can align your values with the investment opportunities available to you.

We are proud to be a significant part of the Christian community. With our company being run on biblical principles, it will be unsurprising to most that many of our clients are also part of the Christian community. But many are not. We are totally inclusive.

Our clients from within and from out of the Christian community feel they can relate to the principles we run our company on.

  • Trust
  • Loyalty
  • Dedication

At every stage of our provision, each and every client will receive exemplary client care and continued commitment from working with a Christian Investment Adviser. We support our clients in setting and achieving specific financial objectives, utilising proven strategies in order to work toward achieving this. By taking in to consideration the personal values of each clients, we are able to deliver upon our commitment to deliver Christian Financial Advice in a friendly, caring and professional manner.

Working with a Christian Investment Adviser.

Our clients come to us seeking a Christian Investment Adviser for a number of reasons.

  • Investing in Christian investment opportunities
    Individuals look to work with a Christian Investment Adviser in order to invest based on good stewardship and initiative based on the promotion and support of God’s kingdom, in particularly Christian company investments.
  • Investing in a manner that reflects the values derived from their Christian faith.
    Our Advisers look to deliver advice with great consideration to your personal principles and investment attitudes. With a variety of investment approaches available, all which may deliver varying results, It is essential to be confident that your Christian Investment Adviser has taken into consideration your personal values and principles.
  • Supporting a company run on Christian values
    With a variety of investment routes, individuals feel they wish to work with a company and team who they are able to align their beliefs and principles with.
  • Investing ethically and socially responsibly.
    Although not strictly Christian financial advice, the aim of the investment is to invest in areas which make a positive contribution to society or an amount of capital utilised in aid of an act or service aligned with Christian values and principles.

Services available through a Christian Investment Adviser

Working with a Christian Investment Adviser, means our clients have the opportunity to discuss and consider all investment opportunities which may be suitable for them. Throughout the advice process, the investment approach submitted will be based on the most appropriate route for the client. Not every report we create (although many) will, will be centred about Christian companies or Christian investments, but the advice provided will be centred around Christian values and principles.

As Independent Financial Advisers, we are able to consider all investment opportunities which may be suitable for our clients. As with any investment, our advice includes identifying your attitude to risk and considering what is a realistic approach that is appropriate our client’s current requirements as well as their future plans and goals.

Scope for investment growth can be lower when considering ethical and socially responsible investments due to the strict criteria applied to these, subsequently these are not always the right option for all our clients. However, the approach we take and considerations we make to individual principles, preference, values, risk profile and specific needs means we will align the right investment opportunities to each client. All these considerations will affect the advice we offer in regards to our key services:

The Harvest Partnership Ltd offer a nationwide service and would be pleased to speak further and answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch via our Contact Us page.