Offering You Peace Of Mind

The unexpected is exactly as you would expect, untimely, unknown and uncertain. Most people have a need for life insurance and critical illness cover, the level of which is highly dependent on the individual circumstance of our clients. The Harvest Partnership Ltd will assess your individual needs and make recommendations to ensure any insurance products match your requirements.

Planning for the unexpected can offer peace of mind. Often we insure cars, pets, houses and holidays with no second thought, we should value ourselves and family as important and ensure the appropriate level of cover is in place.

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps give you peace of mind that your family has financial protection should your pass away during the life insurance policy term. A lump sum is left behind to maintain living standard, pay mortgage costs or provide for the future. Ultimately, a life insurance policy should be considered if the sudden loss of life would mean financial hardship for dependents.

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Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness cover offers an additional level of protection for you and your family. A policy in place would ensure that if a policy specified illness developed, you and your family would have a degree of financial protection that would allow you to focus on getting better.

If you are single, you may consider a critical illness cover policy to ensure your mortgage is paid in the event you cannot work. If you have a partner or children, you may want to ensure your family have the financial provisions required if you are unable to work due to ill health.

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