Investment Planning and Savings

Preparing You For The Future

The Harvest Partnership Ltd have over 33 years experience as trusted Independent Financial Advisers. We provide honest and independent advice on how to manage your wealth and prepare you for the future.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd takes a unique approach to investment planning and savings. We look to make the most of out your personal finances with an aim to preserve wealth, and build its value carefully.

Having money and knowing what to do with it are two very different things. The Harvest Partnership Ltd specialise in investment planning and savings. You can rely on us to know what is the best approach to manage your money. Working with you closely, we devise an investment planning and savings strategy that best matches to your financial objectives as well as your attitude to risk, adopting socially responsible and ethical investment strategies where required.

We will walk you through each step. From the creation of your bespoke investment planning and savings report, actioning the report and the ongoing management of your portfolio. We work carefully with you to identify your attitude to risk and take a realistic approach that is appropriate to your current requirements as well as future plans and goals. Through this approach, we hope to prepare you for the various milestones you may encounter in the future.

Your current financial circumstances will be influential in the investment planning and savings strategy we propose, and ultimately, the decisions you make regarding your portfolio. This is why we provide an initial meeting at no cost to you.

Sustainable Income

A correctly developed investment planning and savings strategy can open many doors for your future. Many clients have aims of retiring earlier, retiring with greater income, living with fewer financial worries. Whatever your financial objective, The Harvest Partnership Ltd will look to ensure your capital is utilised effectively to achieve it.

Investment for Income & Growth

Real income and capital growth: together, at the same time. Often you are given the option of one or the other. Our years of experience at The Harvest Partnership Ltd have demonstrated that we can achieve both. Investment planning and savings strategies for income and growth could offer a greater spectrum of choices for your future. From early retirement to a significantly upgraded lifestyle or maintaining that level you currently enjoy when you stop work.

Our approach to investment planning and savings, utilising our years of experience means you, our client can experience both income and capital growth from your portfolio. Utilised correctly, income and capital growth can be achieved through careful investment in accordance with your attitude to risk.

Investment for Capital Growth

When income isn’t the immediate financial objective, investing for capital growth can provide opportunities for the future. Whether you are looking to build for retirement, invest for your children or grandchildren, or for a significant purchase further in to the future. Your investment planning strategy can be tailored to capital growth.

A carefully tailored growth portfolio as part of your investment planning and savings strategy with The Harvest Partnership Ltd can provide a certain amount of security and freedom for the future, all delivered in line with your attitude to risk and investment preferences.

Investment for Retirement Income

Ensuring you have the retirement income to support your needs and aspirations for your future years can cause concern. Clients of The Harvest Partnership Ltd look to us for investment planning and savings advice for retirement income. A well managed approach to investing for retirement income will ensure you uphold your desired standard of living in retirement, without having to compromise your financial future.

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ISAs, Investment Trusts & Investment Bonds

A suitable investment planning and savings strategy utilises various products including ISAs, Investment Trusts & Investment Bonds. Used correctly and appropriately, clients will reap financial rewards and make their financial future more secure. Appropriate use of the products can build a savings pot for the future or provide a safe and financially rewarding home for existing savings. Additionally, making full use of tax allowances to produce tax efficient income.


Many people recognise the term ISA, with many utilising Cash ISAs through their own bank or building society. The Harvest Partnership Ltd use Stocks and Shares ISAs as part of investment planning and savings strategies. Our years of experience has led us to implement Stocks and Shares ISAs to the greatest of successes for many clients. Smart initial investing will see your portfolio invested in the most appropriate locations in order to offer the greatest return in relation to your attitude to risk and preferred investment approach.

Investment Trusts

Investment Trusts are companies whose purpose is to invest shareholder money to generate a return in the form of dividends and increases in share value. They are private companies that you purchase shares in, much like you would a publicly-listed company. Managers of Investment Trusts have a flexible remit that allows them to borrow against the company’s capital to take advantage of market opportunities to maximise potential returns.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd utilises these investment planning and savings approaches as this can lead to great returns over the long-run. Investment Trusts can be very specific in how they are invested and so they are a great way to invest in ethical causes and green industries. Investment Trusts are excellent products to place long-term savings as part of your investment planning and savings strategy and can provide a regular, sustainable income from the dividends paid.

Investment Bonds

Investment Bonds are single premium life insurance products which, if used correctly can provide tax efficient income and growth for the right person. As a life insurance product, they are useful for inheritance tax planning and for use in trusts. The capital you place in an Investment Bond can be invested in a range of investment funds to provide growth, income or both as required as part of your investment planning and savings strategy.

Investing for Children and Grandchildren

Children don’t stay children long. So it’s nice to know that you can easily start them on the road to financial security. And because good habits begin at an early age, The Harvest Partnership Ltd has designed a range of attractive investment opportunities you can approach with confidence, knowing that the investment planning and savings arrangements have stood the test of time.

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Sometimes it is necessary or advisable to hold investments in a trust. And it really needn’t be as complicated as it sounds because, conveniently, some investments lend themselves very well to inclusion as the property of a trust.

At The Harvest Partnership Ltd we have considerable expertise in not only setting up trusts and charitable trusts, additionally in choosing investments to meet objectives. Our experienced and seasoned professionals will help the trustees fully discharge their responsibilities under the Trustee Act 2000, whilst also informing of any tax implications.


Many of us will find ourselves acting as trustees at some point in our lives. This may occur when a loved one dies and their will contains a will trust. Or our involvement as a trustee may occur if our church or other charity invites us to be appointed as a lay trustee.

In the case of a will trust, the mechanism of our appointment is via the testamentary document (the will) that appoints both executors and trustees. The trust itself, as a legal person, springs to life on the death of the testator. Prior to that it does not exist. And in the case of a will trust, our consent to act as trustee does not need to be sought beforehand. We all have some idea of what is required of an executor, but the duties and obligations of a trustee can appear altogether more mysterious.

Inheritance Planning

As an individual (settlor) reaches old age it is common to start thinking about inheritance planning and how best reduce the amount of inheritance tax (IHT) liable to their family upon their death. Opening a trust is a popular way of mitigating this through the progressive transfer of assets from one’s estate. By placing assets into a trust for the benefit of loved ones (beneficiaries), providing certain conditions are met, the inheritance tax liability can be reduced because savings, investments or property now belong to the trust; or more simply, they belong outside of the settlor’s estate.

The formation of a trust can be flexible, in the sense that it can be established whilst discussing your current investment planning advice or alternatively can be set-up upon the terms of a will. That is why, at The Harvest Partnership Ltd, all our investment planning advice incorporates elements of inheritance planning.

The Trustee Act 2000

In an attempt to codify the previously vaguely defined responsibilities and obligations of trustees, the Trustee Act 2000 imposes positive obligations on trustees to reflect modern practice, and provides a set of default powers that apply to trusts unless the trust document specifies to the contrary. The Act applies to all trusts, irrespective of when they were created.

View the Trustee Act 2000 HERE.

At The Harvest Partnership Ltd we possess the knowledge and skills to translate trustees’ wishes for managing a trust into practical reality. With carefully thought out strategies for income and capital growth we can help trustees achieve the correct balance between satisfying the needs of all classes of beneficiaries. Trustees can then relax safe in the knowledge that they have fully discharged their obligations.

So, if you’re looking for a better way to discharge your responsibilities as a trustee, or know of a charity that could benefit from our services, we invite you to contact us.

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