Pension Advice

Making Your Financial Goals a Reality

A small change in the way you manage your finances today can make a significant difference to your future. Let The Harvest Partnership Ltd pension advice service help make your future goals a reality.

Your pension is a powerful resource and often one of your largest assets. With a greater expectation of health and vitality during retirement years, it is essential to ensure your pension can deliver. Pension advice is an area in which The Harvest Partnership Ltd's investment expertise can make a significant difference.

At The Harvest Partnership Ltd our goal is to provide pension advice which can support in the growth of a pension prior to retirement, as well as ensure the preservation of your pension capital for the financial security of not only yourself but also your partners and wider family.

Are you planning for retirement?

The earlier you start planning for retirement, the better, a term often thrown about. However, should this be something not previously considered, the opportune time to start planning your retirement is now! The overall goal is to contribute to a pension that will serve you effectively on reaching your desired retirement age. Each person has their own financial objectives and requirements for retirement, which makes delivering pension advice more complex.

If you are ready to start planning for retirement and already have contributed to a pension, or are starting from the very beginning, The Harvest Partnership Ltd can provide you with pension advice to support in growing your income and the maintenance of the capital in real terms to meet your individual requirements.

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Are you at Retirement?

Whether you are looking to retire at the earliest opportunity or plan to wait till a later stage, it is essential to be able to access your pension in the most sustainable manner. Our retirement age is often engraved into the forefront of our minds and upon reaching that date, being able to access our pension can provide significant relief and security, as well as provide a certain amount of leisure and freedom.

The Harvest Partnership Ltd can provide pension advice to support you in accessing your pension in the most sustainable manner.

With options including:

  • Drawing down the benefits from your existing provider
  • Purchasing an annuity
  • Taking lumpsum payments

With the right pension advice, retirement can bring great security.

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Do you have a Defined Benefit Pension Scheme?

Defined Benefit Pension Scheme, often known as a final salary pension scheme, promises to pay out an income based on how much you earn when you retire. With the various options available to the pension holder, pension advice is often recommended by both the former employer and the pension administrator.

With the support of The Harvest Partnership Ltd, your Defined Benefit Pension can be managed in a number of ways including:

  • Drawing down the benefit as per the current scheme
  • Switching pensions schemes
  • Taking a lump sum payment

It is essential to be fully informed prior to making any changes to your defined benefit or final salary pension.

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Looking into Pension Transfers and Consolidations?

If you have paid in to numerous pension schemes it can be overwhelming keeping track of them all. This can make it even more difficult to make the decision about when to retire and make it difficult to manage retirement expectations. Seeking pension advice to consolidate your pensions, where appropriate, will help you maximise your potential retirement income. The Harvest Partnership Ltd’s pension advice process will help you optimise the benefits of your pension capital.

Pension transfers and consolidations can simplify the management of your retirement and provide a wider range of options, including higher income and the potential reduction of fees.

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Would you like to pass on your pensions to children?

Many people wish to leave assets to their children or other family members after their passing. Pensions are a tax-efficient way to manage this. The arrangements put in place can significantly affect the amount your children and family member receive and the tax payable. The Harvest Partnership Ltd can provide the relevant pension advice to ensure the pension passed on is maximised and managed effectively at a difficult family time.

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