Pensions are pretty powerful things. After our house, our pension may be our largest asset.

Gone are the days when the word 'pension' conjured up negative images of eeking out a living in retirement. People are now living longer and have a much greater expectation of health and vitality during their retirement years.

So it makes sense to ensure that one's pension can deliver.

At The Harvest Partnership Ltd our expertise in investments carries straight through to pensions. After all, what is a pension if it is not just a more specialised type of investment? We can show you how income can be structured to be sustainable and accompanied by capital growth as well.

Income and growth from pensions - the ideal outcome.

The goal is a growing income and maintenance of the capital in real terms to meet the challenge of inflation. With care and the correct income strategy this is possible.

Pensions is an area in which The Harvest Partnership Ltd's investment expertise can really make a difference. Most advisers talk about working to ensure the capital doesn't run out in your lifetime. At The Harvest Partnership Ltd our goal is to ensure the preservation of your capital for the financial security of your spouse and, on their passing, the wider family. With the right investment strategy it can be done.

Income and growth from pensions. It really is possible.

But what else can pensions do?

Not only can pensions provide income and growth in retirement (not to mention some interesting Inheritance Tax planning oportunities) but they can also be used to purchase commercial property - perhaps the one your family business already occupies.

Purchasing property through a pension scheme can make a lot of sense. Firstly, you may already have pension funds which can be pressed into service to provide the deposit, preserving precious cash-flow in your business and minimising borrowings. Secondly, by owning property in an entity outside of the business it is ring fenced as a separate and distinct asset, potentially maximising the benefits realised at retirement.

It may even be possible to combine the pension pots of spouses so that the purchasing power is combined. Pensions are an important weapon in the investor's (and business owner's) armoury.

Open the box! (or how to get the money out...)

The most important thing about pensions is getting the money out! After all, what's the point of putting money in unless it's easy and profitable to get it out?

Fortunately, The Harvest Partnership Ltd has developed some sound strategies to address this conundrum. Speak to one of our experienced Consultants without delay to explore the options.

So, if you're looking for a better way to look at pensions - for now and for the future - we invite you to contact us.

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